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A.     Library: There is a rich collection of books and periodicals both in Chinese and English, including 18074 books in Chinese, 5835 books in English, 70 periodicals in Chinese, 37 periodicals in English, and 134 online databases.

B.    Rooms and labs: the Center Office (N104),
E-learning Lab (N401),
Multi-media Lab (N403),
Micro-teaching Lab (N404),
Seminar Room (N102),
Psychology and Educational Measurement Room (N103-1),
Students’ Council Office (N103-2),
Educational Information Room (N103-3),
Counseling Room (N107), 

C.    Equipment: LCD overhead projectors (affixed in each lab), digital film editing system, video playing and viewing machine.

D.    Research Rooms for full-time faculty are located in the building of Teaching and Research; there are eight rooms in total and every teacher has his/her own research room.